The company was founded in 2005 to develop specialized projects. The company started its activities to provide high-quality solutions for security and fraud-proof documents in association with the industry world leader in the field. Since inception, the company has illustrated successes in this unique core activity enabling execution of various projects, such as the design and printing of high secured family certificate to Royal Oman Police and land surveying document to Ministry of Housing.


In continuation of its success in the document security field. AMAN established Specialized Services (FSS) division and hence complimented the continued achievement of AMAN International LLC and particularly the offering unique security in the area of official document solutions. Based on its successes, FSS is the first private company to receive formal approval by the Government to provide training in various forensic disciplines.


Aman has also formed the first professional document destruction and paper waste management service provider in Oman. “Secure Shredding Services” Division by using the latest technology in document destruction and enhancing the consciousness to environment-friendly world document securely.


The company continues to develop various specialized projects & currently on the final stage of obtaining governmental approval of unique Glamping Project “KEI OCEAN FRONT”


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